Protecting and implementing child rights for unaccompanied children in Europe requires professional guardianship organisations with specialised knowledge and networks. There is a lot of knowledge and expertise available to support guardians and the systems they work within, but there is a demand for a systematic approach to disseminating insights and best practices. Many organisations fend for themselves and guardians lack comprehensive, easy and structured access to information, methodologies and best practices.

ProGuard is a new project that enables EU member states to further professionalise guardianship for unaccompanied children. The project will address the needs of guardians and the services that support them by developing and disseminating a toolkit and related training material.

ProGuard is co-funded by the EU and led by Nidos in the Netherlands. The partners include METAdrasi (EL), Danish Red Cross (DK), Jugendhilfe Süd-Niedersachsen (DE), Orphans court Latvia (LV), Amici dei Bambini (IT), Centre for missing and exploited children (HR), Child Circle (BE), National Institute for Health and Welfare (FI), Missing Children Europe and The Council of the Baltic Sea States. The project runs from October 2017 to 2019.

The CBSS will organise a meeting of Baltic Sea Region stakeholders on provisional guardianship of children in migration. This activity will be a key follow-up on the Unaccompanied Children conference from December 2016, which developed The Stockholm Conclusions Promoting Good Practices in Protecting Migrant and Asylum Seeking Children, especially Unaccompanied Children, and Finding Solutions for the Children, Families, Societies and States – December 2016.


Co-funded by the European Union