Lithuanian Presidency takes leadership on promoting children’s emotional health in the Baltic Sea Region
New mandate and strategy adopted for CBSS Children at Risk
PROMISE phase 3 brings training and network expansion
The launch of the PROMISE Barnahus Network
Happy 30th Anniversary UNCRC!
Denmark assumes the Presidency of CBSS Children at Risk
From PROMISE Tracking Tool to PROMISE Hub: online case management system
Children at Risk Expert Group meets in Riga
A Comic Book for positive parenting around the world
PROMISE 3 and Network – open call for partners and founding members
New report on professional communication with children at risk of exploitation and trafficking: “Listen up!”
Expert Group on Children at Risk met in Riga and celebrated 20 years of cooperation
HRH Prince Daniel of Sweden and President of Malta attended the high-level conference on implementing the prohibition of corporal punishment
Universal Children’s Day – 20 November 2018
Recommendations of the 8th Cross-Regional Round Table on the Prevention and Elimination of Violence against Children
Hearing the Child’s Story – Regional expert conference adopts Oslo Conclusions
CBSS Expert Group on Children at Risk welcomed its pioneers
Announcing two new projects supporting comprehensive and sustainable child protection
CBSS Expert Group on Children at Risk meets in Stockholm
Lithuanian Minister of Social Security & Labour stressed need for cooperation
Children’s recommendations highlighted at PROTECT III workshop in St Petersburg
PROMISE Project final conference launches the European Barnahus Movement
AudTrain II final conference advocates for ensuring the rights of children in alternative care
Non-violent Childhoods project visits Sweden on national consultation series tour
Announcing the PROTECT Network – ensuring safety for children in migration
Project outcomes turn into practical trainings, cooperation launched with the Nordic Council of Ministers
The PROMISE Project launches, promoting child-friendly multi-disciplinary and interagency services
The AudTrain II project launches, delivering trainings in system based audits of alternative care for children
CBSS Secretariat Director General’s Statement: Celebrating the Universal Children’s Day 2016
PROTECT II – Expert meeting and training on Promoting the Human Rights and Best Interests of Children in Transnational Child Protection Cases
The CBSS and Central European Initiative join forces to promote protecting unaccompanied children
Linköping inspires a European movement to establish Barnahus, CBSS and HM Queen Silvia encourage a growing network
Moving on from Corporal Punishment in the Baltic Sea Region
CBSS & NCM brings protection of children on the move training to Tallinn
Huge interest in the training of professionals in the “Best Interest Determination” for children at risk of exploitation and trafficking
The NCM and the CBSS mythbusted trafficking at the EUSBSR Annual Forum
Children at the center during Icelandic CBSS Presidency
CBSS hosts cross-regional roundtable organised by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Violence against Children
“I got a foster family late – but not too late!” – Warsaw Roundtable 2016
UN Special Representative on Violence against Children to bring annual cross-regional round table to Stockholm
AudTrain runs Primary Trainings in Zagreb and Riga
New strategy from Council of Europe for the Rights of the Child
CBSS launches Transnational Child Protection Portal on Wikipedia
PROMISE begins promoting multi-disciplinary and interagency cooperation to protect child victims and witnesses to violence
CBSS & NCM launches training series on protection of children in migration
CBSS contributes to recommendations at cross-regional roundtable organised by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Violence against Children
New report launched in August
Announcing AudTrain 2.0
Child-friendly justice: handling child evidence
Experts reflected on the Child exploitation: Cross-national child protection in practice ‘PROTECT Children on the Move’ Expert Meeting series, children’s participation and the way forward – Stockholm, March 2015 …
Judges, Central Authorities and Social Services highlighted Transnational Child Protection issues – Riga, November 2014 …
UN Special Rapporteur and the Lithuanian Ombudsperson for Child Rights contributed important inputs to the expert meeting case management – Vilnius, September 2014 …
PRESS RELEASE: UN Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography in Vilnius, Lithuania
Meeting schedule for Child exploitation: Cross-national child protection in practice
PROTECT Children on the Move
March 2014: Recommendations on Assistance to Victims of Trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region …
Children are exposed to trafficking and exploitation in begging and criminality. Read the report…

How we work

Our vision

The vision of the Children at Risk Expert Group for the Baltic Sea region is that of a region where children enjoy their rights as recognised in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The vision envisages effective national child protection systems offer comprehensive prevention, protection and support, thereby providing equal opportunities for all children to grow, develop and thrive free from all forms of violence. Each child has equal opportunities and is offered meaningful opportunities for participation and active involvement in building a prosperous, safe and secure region for all.

Our mission

The mission of the CBSS Expert Group on Children at Risk is to contribute to the fulfilment of our vision for children by promoting children’s rights and bolstering national child protection systems, including legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect children from all forms of violence, through regional dialogue and practical cooperation.

The Expert Group and the CAR Unit at the CBSS Secretariat are fully committed to the mission of keeping children protected and safeguarded from actions that place them at risk of violence, abuse, exploitation, injury and any other harm.

Strategic areas and priorities

We support awareness-raising to promote positive attitudes, norms and values to safeguard the rights of children. We promote integrated strategies, including sustainable measures that have been demonstrated to contribute to real positive change in the lives of children at risk:
• Prevention, Early intervention and rapid response at first signs of harm
• Tailor-made Multidisciplinary Response and Support Services
• Encouraging a positive justice, law and policy setting
• Safe environments
• Parent and caregiver support
• Education and life skills, including investment in early childhood education

Political dialogue and practical cooperation

Our role embraces the two fundamental pillars of the Council of the Baltic Sea States – political dialogue between States and practical cooperation based on tangible projects. We convene national, regional and global actors to exchange information on emerging, developing and ongoing initiatives, to explore joint opportunities and to engage key stakeholders in practical projects. Our work draws on, and contributes to relevant legal and policy frameworks, authoritative guidance, ethical and safe data collection and the voices of children and youth.