On the 26th to 29th of March 14 Estonian experts participated in the first pilot training. The training took place in Haapsalu, 100 km from Tallinn on the west coast of Estonia.

The training materials had all been translated into Estonian and the training as such was conducted in English. The participating experts’ views will be carefully collected including the pre-training form they all completed. The evaluation of the training will be carefully and systematically analysed in order for the training to be revised and the materials to be made as useful as possible.

Below are some initial comments from the trainees:

– The training was very useful, especially the roleplays and the practical excercises.

– The topic (systematic auditing) was very interesting. As most people doing the audits do not have any methods how to process the audit, it was most necessary and also motivating to take part in such training.

– One participant expressed the view of having gained a lot from the training and got a different point of view how to improve the quality of the institution.

– First day (theory and operationalizing the legislation) was a bit difficult, but it was extremely interesting, intensive and necessary. Guidance and supervision by the trainers was essential and welcomed by all groups.

– This way of auditing really gives the institution the possibility to learn from the nonconformities, being supported rather than being criticized and do better in implementing children rights.

– One participant said that it was very valuable to have the possibility to compare the practices with their own work and analyze how to adapt the new information to their present methods.