In April 2016 the AudTrain project ran two Primary Trainings using the AudTrain Model for monitoring child welfare facilities using system based audit. Each training took place over four days with about 22 participants in each coming from service providers, monitoring bodies, children’s ombudsman offices, and other key stakeholders in the protection of children in alternative care. Click here to learn more about the AudTrain Model and the agenda for the training.

The first training took place in Zagreb, Croatia. The second took place in Riga, Latvia.

Participants said that the training provided a new perspective and method of which is able to be utilised immediately, including on how to talk with children and how to conduct audits in a cooperative manner. They especially appreciated having the time to really work with the material, including through instructive role playing.

The training groups will meet again in November for a mentoring session. There they will report the findings from their first audit using the AudTrain Model, exchanging experiences and getting concrete guidance from the trainers Anniki Lai and Eric Backer- Røed.

Trainees who complete the course may be invited to become a trainer in the AudTrain Model.

Participants in both Primary Trainings