What is a system-based audit?

Methods of monitoring child welfare facilities:

  • Monitoring refers to the control activities of the monitoring authority or other competent bodies that aim to ensure that the national legislation regulating child welfare facilities is implemented in practice.
  • Inspections are carried out by inspectors from the state monitoring authority. An inspection is a simpler form of controlling the implementation of the national legislation. It focuses on the outcomes and to which degree they are in compliance with the legal requirements. An inspection identifies gaps or shortcomings, however without assessing the underlying causes of the identified gap or shortcoming.
  • System-based audit is a systematic assessment to make sure that the activities, measures and outcomes in child welfare facilities comply with the requirements under the relevant national laws and regulations. A system-based audit focuses on the management system of a child welfare facility and aims to check whether the facility’s activities are planned, organised, performed and maintained in accordance with the law.