The study “Children as Witnesses. An Empirical and Theoretical Investigation of the Communication Between Interviewer and Child in Interview Situations. Development of Interview Methodology” was carried out in the period 1998-2003, at the Faculty of Education, Department of Special Needs Education, University of Oslo by Gamst and Langballe. The dissertation addresses issues pertaining to the legal protection of children who act as witnesses in criminal proceedings and who are interviewed by police officers in this connection. The dissertation is based on the following research projects: “Sexual Abuse of Children: Focus on interviews” (Gamst & Langballe, 1993, Save the Children), “Children as informants in interviews: Training and Methodological Trials” (Gamst & Langballe, 1997, The Ministry of Justice), and “Children as Witnesses” (Gamst & Langballe, 2004, University of Oslo). Results from the study indicate the importance of providing the judiciary system with an efficient method for communication with children, in order to improve the legal protection of the involved parties. This requires implementation of training methods comprising elements of knowledge transfer, instruction and active training of communication skills. A summary of the dissertation is attached.

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