An important step concerning child trafficking has been taken recently in Denmark: In September 2005 The Danish Government made an appendix to the governmental plan of action to combat trafficking in women. The appendix includes child trafficking, primarily children trafficked in preparation for sexual exploitation.

The appendix will develop a model for preparation of repatriation including: 1) Training in identification and age assessment of persons below the age of 18. 2) Nomination of guardian for the child. The guardian is expected to represent the child and to provide an individual plan of action and the right kind of support and placement for the child as long as the child stays in Denmark. The guardian shall answer for a responsible reception of the child in the child?s country of origin.   3) Widening the cooperation arrangements between police, municipalities, health system and NGO?s to include children 4) Widening the international network to include Danish and international child organisations 5) Widening the embassy network to include children

The appendix will work for prevention of child trafficking by: 1) carrying out a research of the extent of the problem 2) including children in seminars for NGOs ? especially focus on the Rights of Children and children?s needs 3) Contact persons are assigned in each police district to ensure an efficient cooperation between the police and relevant NGOs concerning cases of trafficking in human beings 4) Especially focusing on prosecution of the criminal backers

The governmental plan of action to combat trafficking in women is placed in The Department of Gender Equality organizational located in The Ministry of Social Affairs. The appendix involves The Ministry of Social Affairs; The Ministry of Justice; The Ministry for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs and The Ministry of Interior and Health.

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