The PROTECT Network currently has contacts from 17 European countries from a wide range of professions. These contacts are experts and professionals who are engaged in ensuring safety for children in migration and protecting them from exploitation and trafficking.

When you join this informal network, your name, organization and contact information will be added to a list of contact points. We will distribute your information to those who are on the list. We aim to regularly update the list with new names and updated contacts. When you contact someone in the PROTECT network, you may find the answers you need in your daily work, be it information, ideas, guidance, or even where to turn next for an answer. The PROTECT network of contact points is developed with the kind support of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The PROTECT Network initiated by the Children at Risk Unit at the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat in collaboration with the Nordic Council of Ministers as part of the PROTECT Children on the Move project. The CBSS Expert Group on Children at Risk and the Nordic Council of Ministers joined together to provide training on preventing the exploitation and trafficking of children on the move. The training is on the basis of the Guidelines Promoting the Human Rights and the Best Interests of the Child in Transnational Child Protection Cases, which was the result of an EU funded project featuring 5 expert consultations during 2013-2015. As the second phase of the PROTECT wrapped up, we invited stakeholders from around Europe become a part of this Network.

The PROTECT Children on the move project will continue into 2018 and beyond, starting with expert and child consultations on identification and referral.

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