Children’s rights are a key topic for the CBSS during its Icelandic Presidency 2016-2017.

Upholding children’s rights is the obligation of all CBSS Member States. Ensuring their safety and well-being will create a healthier and safer society in the future. The rights of the child is one of the core pillars of the safety and security priority of the CBSS.

Through the CBSS, Iceland will continue to lead initiatives that focus on a holistic approach to protect children from all forms of violence, with particular emphasis on preventing sexual abuse and exploitation, including trafficking. The Icelandic Barnahus model is increasingly gaining momentum across the region, as it promotes child-friendly and multidisciplinary mechanisms for the prevention of and responses to child abuse and comprehensive services to child victims.

In light of the current state of affairs, asylum-seeking children and unaccompanied children deserve a special focus. Prioritizing the cooperation among different authorities and across sectors will be crucial in preventing abuse, exploitation and trafficking of children.

The logo of the Icelandic Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States represents smiling children who are facing a world of openness, freedom and safety – achieved only through a democratic society where everyone has a voice. The different colors represent gender equality, diversity for all and at the same time represent the Icelandic flag.


For more information about the Icelandic Presidency please see the main CBSS website.


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