provides free, anonymous self-help resources for people who are worried about downloading and using illegal images (also called “child pornography”). We aim to help you understand and control your sexual feelings and fantasies about children as well as educate you about the consequences of using illegal images both for the children involved and for yourself. is based on research sponsored by the Daphne Programme.

The goal of the croga website is

  • To give you information about illegal images on the Internet and the law.
  • To help you identify and explore your problematic Internet use.
  • To help you learn techniques to cope with difficult emotions and thoughts and to change problematic use of the Internet.

Many people who access illegal images on the Internet feel some conflict about what they are doing. People often report that they wanted help to stop, but were unsure about where to go, or were frightened about being reported to the Police. We see as a first step to help people look at what they are doing and to be clearer about how they might change.

Created   27.09.2004 Updated   27.09.2004

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