On 4-5 November 2019, the Expert Group on Children at Risk met in Copenhagen for the first meeting during the Danish Presidency of the CBSS.

The Danish Presidency presented its priorities for the Expert Group, which include prevention, early intervention and the welfare of children in care and child-friendly case handling. In addition, the Danish Presidency will oversee the adoption of a new mandate for the group.

The meeting featured a highly appreciated roundtable on prevention, early intervention and relevant services to establish an environment that reacts quickly and efficiently to risk situations for children, including expert interventions and an Expert Group tour de table. Drawing on the exchange, the Expert Group adopted key messages, highlighting that the Expert Group can play an important role to build bridges among municipalities both nationally and internationally.

The meeting also had its first discussions on the mandate for the Expert Group, with the current mandate set to expire end of June 2020.

In conjunction with discussions about renewing the mandate, the Expert Group also adopted a new logo, which is the heart logo of the Non-violent Childhoods project updated with CBSS colours.

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