The European Union’s first dedicated NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online (eNACSO) launched its Digital Manifesto on 14 November 2009 during the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Egypt.

eNACSO was delighted to have Ms. Vivienne Reding (EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media) as a keynote speaker at the launch reception for the Digital Manifesto.
The global nature of the internet places a particular responsibility on international institutions and governments to take action at national and international level to ensure children are safe online’ says Dieter Carstensen, eNACSO Chair.
There is no doubt on the internet’s potential to enrich the lives of children and young people, it is important to recognise that the internet has brought with it a number of unforeseen, unwanted and unintended consequences, some of which can put children and young people at risk of significant harm. This manifesto presents eNACSO’s recommendations to governments, industry and other stakeholders on how to create a safer online environment for children and young people.
he Digital Manifesto will form part of eNACSO’s ‘Agenda for Action’ document which will be launched in Brussels in May 2010.



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