Riga, May 2014

In 2014 and 2015, the Children’s Unit at the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Secretariat is organising five expert meetings in cooperation with partners in Europe and beyond with support from the EU Return Fund. The aim of the Child exploitation: Cross-national child protection in practice ‘PROTECT children on the move’ project is to identify child rights standards and key agencies responsible for protecting children exposed to exploitation and trafficking in cross-border situations. The outcomes will include a report and an online tool. The first expert meeting addressed best interest assessment/determination.

The second Expert Meeting was convened in Riga, Latvia, on 13-14 May and focused on the theme Returns and Transfers: International and European standards, procedures and safeguards for children exposed to exploitation, trafficking and children at risk.

Approximately fifty experts attended, representing local and national authorities, UN Agencies, national and international NGOs, service providers and practitioners from the Nordic and Baltic States and Member States of the European Union and the Council of Europe. They participated in giving valuable input to the understanding of progress and challenges in transfer and return cases of children.

The project is funded by the European Return Fund – Community Actions of the European Commission Directorate-General Home Affairs and the Council of the Baltic Sea States

A summary of the key outcomes and recommendations and a detailed conference report are available below as well as the power point presentations.


Day 1

Session II: Access to information, legal assistance for children, and the right to be heard in the host country

Session III: Detention of accompanied and unaccompanied children in the host country

Session IV: Family tracing and risk assessment in transnational cases of children exposed to exploitation

Day 2

Session V: Transfers within Europe – Implications for asylum seeking children and families (Dublin III Regulation)


Session VI: Returning, reception services and follow-up – Prevention of re-trafficking 

Click here for pictures from the event

Click here to access the report and presentations from the first Expert Meeting on Case assessment and best interest determination: Special considerations and procedures in transnational cases of children exposed to exploitation, trafficking and children at risk


The third expert meeting will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania 9th-10th of September on the topic Returns and Transfers in Practice: Case examples of children exposed to exploitation and trafficking and children at risk

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