Conclusions from the Seminar on Identification of Children at Risk of becoming Victims of Human Trafficking

The Finnish EU Presidency identified the fight against human trafficking as one of its priorities in the field of justice and home affairs. In combating trafficking, the Presidency emphasizes three cross-cutting principles: a human rights and victim-centred approach; enhanced operational cooperation; and a continuance of the actions against trafficking. With a view to implementing the EU Action Plan on Trafficking in Human Beings, the Presidency organised a Seminar designed to share best practises in respect of the identification of children at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking (paragraph 3.3.c of the annex to the EU Plan).

The Seminar took place on 31 October and 1 November in Helsinki. The aim of the Seminar was to address the issue of the identification of children at risk from a practical and operational point of view. The Seminar programme followed the path of a child victim. The objective was to heighten expertise and share good practises among the actors operating against human trafficking while also identifying the ways in which all of these actors can better cooperate in identifying and protecting those children deemed to be “at risk”. The conclusions were on the agenda of the EU Council Multidisciplinary Working Group on Organised Crime. The JHA Council confirmed that the EU Action Plan would be evaluated by the end of 2007 and recommendations would be given for further actions.

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