The study Kids Abroad, published by Terre des Hommes, is an attempt to summarise what we have learnt about protecting children on the move from abuse and exploitation. It also draws on the experience of other child rights agencies. As you would probably expect the main message of the study emphasises that it is feasible and desirable to improve the protection available to young migrants without this amounting to encouraging them to leave home or migrate. The author of the book is Mike Dottridge, an international consultant on child rights and human trafficking

The study analyses different experiences, in different countries, that have resulted in a better protection of children while they are away from home and therefore particularly vulnerable to exploitation. The study ends with a series of concrete and rather feasible recommendations such as :

1. Better and more imaginative use could be made of communications and information technology to protect children on the move, notably by ensuring they can stay in contact with others while travelling and after reaching their destination.

2. Not enough attention has been given to understanding ‘indigenous’practices which have the effect of protecting children from harm and which can be strengthened at relatively little cost.

The study can be downloaded below and also from the Terre des Hommes website at under “Focus”.

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