The partners in the ROBERT project are pleased to present: “Online behaviour related to child sexual abuse – Literature Report ”. The report is a systematic review of research and studies, in English and in other European languages with a specific focus on sexually abusive online experiences. It presents topics that are relevant to online sexual abuse and offline sexual abuse that have started with an online contact or where the contacts between the perpetrator and the young person have relied heavily on information and communication technologies. The report covers issues of specific interest as we discuss how best to empower young people who are at risk of sexual abuse in connection with information and communication technologies and how best to support young people to stay safe online.

The report is available for download from the ROBERT website, Hardcopies are available from the ROBERT project secretariat by mailing to

Partners in the ROBERT project are

  • Expert Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk, CBSS
  • Tartu University in Estonia
  • University of Edinburgh in the UK
  • Linköping University in Sweden
  • Kingston University in the UK
  • Innocence in Danger in Germany
  • Save the Children in Denmark
  • Save the Children in Italy
  • Stellit International in Russia and in the Netherlands.

Details of all partners can be found here.

ROBERT project includes:

  • collecting existing research materials in the field of abusive experiences connected to ICT in a database available at
  • interviews and analysis of interviews with young people who have experienced online abuse
  • interviews with young people including young people considered to be at risk of online sexual abuse and online grooming in focus groups to better understand protective measures
  • interviews and analysis of interviews with perpetrators of online grooming and subsequent abuse of children

Descriptions of the ROBERT project in English is found on the website. Descriptions are also available in EstonianRussianItalianDanish and German accessed at


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