PROMISE recently launched its next phase of Activities. During May and June 2020, a series of online meetings brought together more than 70 of our colleagues to inform and be informed about the activities and opportunities that this phase brings to the expansion of Barnahus in Europe.

PROMISE 3 is an EU co-funded project which is designed to kickstart the activities planned in the 5-year strategy of the PROMISE Barnahus Network. These activities include university-level training in the areas of forensic interviewing and therapy, with a view to establishing a European Competence Centre for Barnahus. PROMISE is also developing case management tools, thereby laying the groundwork for an accreditation system for Barnahus. Meaningful and safe child participation is central to the work, and will, among other things, inform a review of the Barnahus Quality Standards. We hope that by 2022 we will be able to hold the very first Barnahus Forum – a gathering of 200+ Barnahus professionals and stakeholders who will take the inspirational and energy giving effect that PROMISE has come to be known for, and supercharge it with concrete working sessions and trainings, practical demonstrations, celebrations of progress, study visits and exchanges.  

There will be many ways for you, our readers, to be involved along the way. We start with two such opportunities, with two immediate opportunities being contributing to our mapping of Barnahus and similar services, and signing up to be on our waitlist to join a PROMISE training.

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