Is smacking a child an acceptable form of punishment? The answer is no. However, research has shown that the vast majority of children throughout Europe have experienced some form of corporal punishment. This publication describes how to raise awareness, primarily through campaigns to reduce corporal punishment, and goes on to discuss how child abuse can be prevented.

Case studies of three successful awareness-campaigns in the United Kingdom, Poland and the United States are presented in detail and are used as a starting point to describe how best to carry out such campaigns. The case studies cover aspects such as working effectively with the media and pooling the work of the police, local authorities, teachers, parents and professionals.

Three useful model questionnaires aimed at support services, children and professionals are included at the end of this publication.

While this book will be of particular interest to specialists who work in the child protection field, it will also be of interest to teachers, parents and health-care professionals.



1 – Public education campaigns against corporal punishment of children

  • Hitting children must stop. Full Stop (United Kingdom)
  • Childhood without violence (Poland)
  • SpankOut day (United States)

2 – Role of public information campaigns by NGOs

  • Planning a Public Campaign
  • Analysing the situation. Diagnosing the scale of the problem and social attitudes.
  • Goals and expected outcomes of the campaign
  • Target groups

3 – Activities carried out within the campaigns

  • Media campaigns
  • Local activities
  • Conclusions
  • Appendices
  • References


You can buy the book directly from the Council of Europe online bookshop. Click here.

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