The report is the result of years of systematic observations, discussions and interviews. The author has an in-depth insight into the prostitution and drug scene along the German-Czech border through her work with the social project KARO. Her report gives, for the first time, a detailed picture of the commercial sexual exploitation of children in this region, heavily frequented by German tourists. It shows the scale of the business and the conditions in which its victims live. The conclusions are harrowing: In the German-Czech border region, a flourishing commerce in child sexual exploitation has developed.

The book itself is published in German language: Schauer, Cathrin; Deutsches Komitee für UNICEF; ECPAT Deutschalnd (Hrsg.): Kinder auf dem Strich. Bericht von der deutsch-tschechischen Grenze. Bad Honnef:Horlemann, 2003. ISBN 3-89502-174-1

You may read the English summary here:

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