On 9-11 May 2018, Bhutan hosted the 8th United Nations High-Level Cross-Regional Round Table on the role of regional organizations in protecting children from violence and advancing progress towards the elimination of all forms of violence against children, as called for by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The CBSS Children at Risk Unit attended the meeting as one of the European representatives.

This meeting was convened in Thimphu, organized by the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children (UN SRSG-VAC) and the South Asia Initiative to End Violence against Children (SAIEVAC) Regional Secretariat, hosted by the National Commission for Women and Children, Royal Government of Bhutan supported by the NACG Bhutan (SAIEVAC National Mechanisms). The meeting provided a strategic platform to explore how regional organizations and institutions can build on their existing work and use the framework provided by the 2030 Agenda to accelerate progress in children’s protection from all forms of violence and promote the abandonment of harmful practices.

At the conclusion of this year’s annual Round Table, participating regional organizations and institutions committed to supporting accelerated progress towards the violence-related targets of Agenda 2030, particularly target 16.2 and 5.3. Participants also committed to contributing to a global thematic report on the prevention and elimination of violence against children, and to supporting child-centred voluntary national reviews (VNR) by the Member States. The VNRs should provide sound reflections by the Member States on progress being made, and the gaps to be addressed in efforts to end violence against children.

The CBSS Strategy for Cooperation on Children at Risk in the Baltic Sea States (2017-2020) is amongst the mentioned regional plans to prevent and eliminate all forms of violence against children, as well as initiatives to combat extreme forms of violence and crimes against children, aligned with the 2030 Agenda.

Find the Recommendations of 2018 here.

Previous meetings have taken place in New York (US) in 20112012, and 2013, Kingston (Jamaica) in 2014, in Strasbourg (France) in 2015, at the CBSS Secretariat in Stockholm (Sweden) in 2016, and in Manila (Philippines) in 2017.

Read more about this year’s and the previous Roundtables here.

[pictured: Marta Santos Pais, the UN Special Representative on Violence against Children with the representatives from the Council of the Baltic Sea States and the Council of Europe.]

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