Members of the Danish Research Network on Sexual Abuse of Children has published the anthology: “Sexual Abuse of Children and Young People – an anthology on prevention and treatment”. The anthology consists of 14 articles concerning following topics : What is child sexuality and how does it develop, the scope of sexual abuse, prevention of sexual abuse of children and young people, young people’s paid sexual services, long-term after-effects of sexual abuse, therapy, perspectives. Authors: Line Albér Andersen, Anette Baadsgaard, Else Christensen, Anette Hammershøi (red), Anne Melchior Hansen, Birgitte Jørgensen, Anne Charlotte Larsen, Kristian Larsen, Helmer Bøving Larsen, Karin Helweg-Larsen, Ingrid Leth, Jill Melbye (red), Martin Mogensen, Steen Ulrik Mogensen, Elsebeth Kirk Muff, Marie Luise Nørrelykke, Pia Rathje, Annalise Rust, Kuno Sørensen, Mogens Holm Sørensen, Katrine Schrøder, Mimi Strange, Katrine Zeuthen. The anthology is not translated into English.

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