situation paper ENRU based on input from professionals with experiences in working with children at risk in the Baltic Sea Region and from the discussion at the expert meeting: “Building Competence and Capacity on Care, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Children Victims of Trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region”, Kiev on 26th to 27th of April 2005.

This document is based on information received from the network of experts in the Children at Risk cooperation in the eleven member countries of the CBSS and the neighbouring countries Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. The information received at the expert meeting in Kiev is also added to the document. The material in this report is gathered also through personal interviews and meetings with a number of NGOs, ministry representatives and professionals in the countries involved.

The document includes the organisations working in this field and their experiences, in order to create significant co-operation on possible establishment of any form of service. It also summarizes what is needed in terms of capacity and competence building in the different countries. The competence in the field is scarce since few professionals have adequate experiences.

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