Natalija Jevšuk (2004)  studied the situation of incest in Estonia with a help of specialists, who work with incest’s victims and on the base of received from the research findings to acquaint with incest as social problem, which needs more attention. The data analysis shows that incest is a social problem, which is really presented in Estonian society. Analysis of the results shows that such a phenomenon as incest needs more attention by all the people.   The main results of present research are:

  •   Specialists, who work with incest´s victims define that phenomenon as the sexual action between the nearest relatives, who are not the husbands.
  • The typical incest´s victim is a girl aged 10 – 14, who is biological or adopted daughter to the violator. Incest`s victim is passive, reserved, silent, helpless child, who don´t want to speak about incest.
  • The typical incest`s violator is a men aged 40, who is biological or adopted father to the victim. Violator`s socio-economical position and education don´t play any great role.
  • The most important help, which can be offered to the victim of incest is psychological therapy. Also in case of finding incest´s occurrence specialists takes the contact with a police, the teachers, doctors, social- and child-protection workers.
  • The prevention of incest should be started in the family. Specialists said, that child should be known about his/her right. The right sexual education is one important moment. Wiht a help of media it is possible to prevent incest´s diffusion. Nowadays such kind of work is badly organized and just because of it it is necessary to work with incest’s supressing.

During the research there were carried out qualitative interviews with nine persons aged 24 – 45 in March and April 2004, who have some experince in helping incest´s victims.   To get more information about this research, please take contact with Natalija Jevšuk,   Created   29.06.2004 Updated   29.06.2004

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