The catastrophe in Southern and South East Asia has left tens of thousands of surviving children bereaved of their parents. An uncountable number have been deprived of their homes and tens of thousands of children have died. The world is in mourning and in shock. In many countries thousands of tourists are now returning home with terrible experiences that will take a long time to heal. Children will return without parents and parents will return without their children, meaning that thousands are directly and even more are indirectly affected by the tragedy. The Working Group for Children at Risk encourages all to do what they can to alleviate the burden put on the children, their parents and all others affected by this enourmous tragedy.

Please find below links to various sites that may be useful:

For donations: or go to for information of other ways in your country to donate money.

For those of you that can read Norwegian, the Norwegian government has asked Psychologists Magne Raundalen and Atle Dyregrov to summarise some of their experiences on how to talk to very young children, 3 – 6 years of age about the catastrophe. You can find their paper in Norwegian at

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