Trauma, Posttraumatic Stress and Dissociation Among Swedish Adolescents: Evaluation of Questionnaires.

Author: Doris Nilsson, Linköping University, Department of Molecular and Clinical Medicine Document

The main aim of this thesis has been to investigate trauma and dissociation among Swedish adolescents and to evaluate the psychometric properties such as reliability and various kinds of validity of three screening instruments for assessment of dissociation and other symptoms of post traumatic stress. The three instruments in question have been Dis-Q-Sweden, A-DES and TSCC, the symptoms measured by these instruments are neither easy to capture nor easy for the adolescent to talk about. Therefore these self report scales are essential. A second aim has been to compare the results with results from other countries and to develop preliminary Swedish norms for the clinician to use. Age and gender differences have been looked upon as well as assessed symptoms connected to known experienced trauma/sexual and/or physical abuse and self-reported trauma in normal and clinical populations.


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