The CBSS Expert Group on Children at Risk has established a robust programme supporting comprehensive and sustainable child protection systems. Featuring national and international multi-sectorial cooperation among authorities and other stakeholders, the programme’s variety of themes, activities and publications have led to concrete developments regionally and are in demand globally. Actors around the world are watching with interest as the Baltic Sea Region, despite its diversity, establishes a common identity as a safe and supportive region for children.

The CBSS proudly announces the launch of two new EU co-funded projects:

  • PROMISE II – Phase one of PROMISE established the standards and guidelines for the Barnahus model of child-friendly multi-disciplinary and interagency services supporting child victims of violence. It also established a European network of experts working to establish a Barnahus or similar setup in their own countries. The second phase will implement national level activities to enable and support the establishment of the Barnahus or similar setups throughout Europe. It will also support the network and continue with communications activities. The CBSS is the lead partner.
  • ProGuard  – enables EU member states to further professionalise guardianship for unaccompanied children. The project will address the needs of guardians and the services that support them by developing and disseminating a toolkit and related training material. The CBSS is a partner to this project.

The newly launched projects complement ongoing processes and carry forward recent results:

  • The PROMISE project has promoted child-friendly justice by establishing European standards for one-stop-shop child protection centres, the Barnahus.
  • PROTECT Children on the Move has tackled the challenges of children in migration by issuing guidance and training experts on the rights and best interests of children in migration. The work is further supported by collaboration between the Council of the Baltic Sea States, the Central European Initiative, and 26 European countries to establish The Stockholm Conclusions Promoting Good Practices in Protecting Migrant and Asylum Seeking Children.
  • The Non-violent Childhoods project is addressing early intervention and prevention by elaborating best practices towards bringing the ban on corporal punishment of children in all settings from law into practice
  • The AudTrain project has supported alternative care systems by issuing updated and new training material and also training auditors in a system based method meant to safeguard the rights and needs of children who cannot live with their families.
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