This video training on Psychological rehabilitation of children survivors of sexual abuse was produced by a team at the Women’s Consortium of Ukraine. It targets caregivers at orphanages, boarding schools, shelters and those who have a possibility of a long-term support and systematic care to children, where the abused children are likely to be found.

The video training consists of six lessons, with the total length of 92 minutes:

  1. Identification of sexual abuse of children. Establishing the relations of trust with child survivors
  2. Identification of the problem of the abused children
  3. Working over the problem of the abused children. Goals and values
  4. Individual therapy
  5. Group therapy
  6. Rehabilitation and expectations

Apart from the lessons learned when implementing our training work for caregivers, this video training also includes achievements of other countries with the better developed system of support to the abused children – Poland, Canada and Russia. Additionally to the basic information on the assistance to the abused children available in those countries we tried to adapt the specifics of the therapeutic work to the reality of Ukraine.

For more information, please see attached information below in English and in Russian.

Contact person:

Alekseyenko Maria
Program Coordinator
Women’s Consortium of Ukraine


2 Dovzhenko Str., suit 53
Kyiv, Ukraine 01030
tel: (380 44) 456-89-34

Created   02.08.2005 Updated   02.08.2005

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