Young offenders – sexual abuse and treatment, a book by Anders Nyman, Börje Svensson and Olof Risberg, has recently been translated into English. The authors are all psychotherapists working at Save the Children Sweden’s Centre for Children and Adolescents in Crisis, and have many years of experience in therapeutic work with both victims of sexual abuse and young offenders of sexual crimes against children.

When a young boy commits a sexual offence, many questions are raised: Who is he? What circumstances have led him to commit such an act? How can we understand him? How can we help him? After many years? therapeutic work with boys as victims of sexual abuse, the authors are now leading us into a new and very urgent field of knowledge: young boys as perpetrators of sexual abuse. We get go know a number of boys intimately, we get to follow their struggle, aided by the therapists, to break destructive patterns and build up trust and hope for the future, even for someone who has been a young offender. The authors of the book are psychotherapists at the Boys’ Clinic at Save the Children Sweden’s centre for children and adolescents in crisis. “The authors take us through a painful process of engaging with these young people, introduce the reader to ways of establishing an attachment with a young person who has learnt to dismiss, and trivialise the meaning of others. This book gives an excellent account of their work as professionals.” -Dr. Arnon Bentovim in the Preface. Some chapter headings: Sexual abuse and young offenders – frequently asked questions; Facts about 62 young offenders; Sexual abuse of children in the neighbourhood; Risky risk assessment; Preconditions for treatment; The therapist’s own feelings; Jim, 15 and dangerous – a case description.

UPDATE: The book appears to be out of print.


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