On assignment by the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Equality, NOVA (Norwegian Social Research) has developed a guidance on young people trading or selling sex. It is written by Janikke Solstad Vedeler, Karin Sasaoka and Svein Mossige.

Target groups are social services, health, education, police and all other agencies and professionals who may work with young people about whom there are concerns that they are involved in trading or selling sex. The guidance consist of a review of existing knowledge and practical advice including dialogues that illustrate different approaches social/health workers can undertake in order to communicate with the young persons involved. In addition the guidance holds an appendix concerned with the topic of trafficking in minors for sexual exploitation. Here we present experiences derived from the Norwegian authorities in handling the cases and children involved. The guidance and its appendix can be downloaded following the link below, but are unfortunately only available in Norwegian.


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