The consultations in the 5 partner countries served as an opportunity to learn from each other and to share knowledge with stakeholders on the law & the harmful impact of corporal punishment. In each country, we collect best practices and discuss ways to strengthen the implementation of the national law.

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National Consultations Poland

- Need for a National Strategy to end violent punishment of children in Poland - The acceptance of corporal punishment against children is going down in Poland but too many caregivers are still spanking and beating children as part of discipline. The Ombudsman for...

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National Consultations Estonia

 - Good teachers solve conflicts and tension with humour -  During the national consultation in Estonia of the Non-violent childhoods project, also children also participated. They emphasized that there is a perception of a decline in using corporal punishment in...

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National Consultations Latvia

On 9-10 October 2017, professionals from child care, the education and health sector, and from the government took part in a three-day learning exchange describing the current situation in Latvia and how to meet the challenge of the high level of abuse and violence...

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National Consultations Finland

The consultation in Finland was conducted with a core group of Finnish organisers from the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Central Union for Child Welfare, the CBSS Secretariat including our main researcher Daja Wenke of the Non-violent Childhoods project. This...

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National Consultations Sweden

The national consultation in Sweden was convened on 8-10 May 2017 and was organised with the cooperation and support from the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. The consultation gathered important expertise from Sweden, as the pioneer country in enacting a...

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