On November 14 the second roundtable in the Budapest region in Hungary took place in two sessions.

In the Hungarian system currently, only police officers can hear a child, so it is most likely that in the Hungarian Barnahus they will continue to do so. So in the first session, Maria Gorosh, from the Swedish police, and Alda Hronn Johansdottir, a prosecutor from Iceland, discussed the role of police in the Barnahus, the training officers receive, and also how to conduct interviews with children. Child protection professionals and police from the region took part.

During the second session, representatives from the prosecutors and the courts discussed the two distinct models of Barnahus: the Icelandic and the Swedish. Opinions are forming in Hungary around following the Swedish example of Barnahus, as this is closer to what the Hungarian legislative system allows currently. While legislative changes are possible and most probably necessary, the Ministry of Human Capacities first wants to establish Barnahus and gather experiences before initiating changes to the legal system.

The meeting was organised by ChildHub at Terre des Hommes as part of the PROMISE 2 project.

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