The first Barnahus in Moldova will be established during 2019 with the support of World Childhood Foundation.

In 2018, the National Center for Child Abuse Prevention (NCCAP), in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection started the process to launch the first Barnahus in Moldova. It is planned to be developed at the regional level, and to provide assistance to children victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and trafficking in human beings. To support the implementation and operation of this service, a legal framework, regulations, quality standards, and funding mechanisms have been developed and are awaiting approval.

To improve and increase human and institutional capacities, the NCCAP and its partners organized five trainings on Barnahus service components and intersectoral collaboration. About 150 professionals representing law enforcement, justice, social protection and health institutions, at the national and local levels, have been informed about the Barnahus model and PROMISE standards.

Favorable preconditions for the development of Barnahus service exist in Moldova, such as: the hearing of the child victim / witness of domestic violence, sexual abuse and trafficking in special conditions mentioned in Criminal Procedure Code (art. 1101,) the applicability of the Intersectorial Cooperation Mechanism, the legal possibility of integrating forensic examination in this service. The above prove that Barnahus can cover all types of assistance, avoiding re-victimization and ensuring high professional standards for recovery.

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