Since 2015, a project partnership called PROMISE has accelerated the progress made across Europe in providing multidisciplinary services to child victims of violence.

This partnership is ultimately working towards establishing Barnahus as a standard practice in Europe by promoting multidisciplinary interventions for child victims and witnesses of violence, which are organized in a child-friendly setting and under one roof, to provide rapid access to justice and care.

A critical piece of this work has been bringing stakeholders together to share experiences and knowledge, and to jointly develop and commit to the Barnahus Quality Standards.

Looking to the future, a European approach will be essential for the continuity of capacity-building, advocacy, and provision of Barnahus and similar services at the national level. Current and upcoming European Barnahus operate under the same European legislation to protect victims and combat violence against children, in particular sexual violence. And even though local contexts may differ, countries experience similar opportunities and challenges in establishing and operating multidisciplinary interventions under one roof. The harmonisation and consolidation of good Barnahus practice across Europe is therefore an essential process to remain in place, supported by a competent and committed Barnahus workforce across Europe and an established peer-to-peer network.

PROMISE has always aimed to be inclusive, and to support to all interested services and stakeholders. In the next few years, we aim to expand the possibilities to be involved and get support, especially as new countries and services become engaged.

The first step will be another project, PROMISE 3, which invites Barnahus and similar services to receive university level trainings and to take part in establishing European level support systems for Barnahus. The second step will be the formalization of the PROMISE Network, which will become a member-led platform for long-term, flexible support which is open to services and stakeholders alike.

Today we are announcing an open call to join PROMISE 3 as a partner, which will gain you early access to PROMISE Network benefits. While the number of formal partners is limited, there will be open invitations to take part in the activities of the project in exchange for moderate fees. Membership applications for the PROMISE Network will open up at a later date. We hope that all of you will join us in some shape or form!

An invitation-only webinar will be held 11 April which will present these plans, walk through the templates, and take your questions. Email us if you would like to be invited to the webinar. 


    PROMISE 3 partners will gain early access to PROMISE network benefits:

    • University level training, mentoring, and peer support in forensic interviewing and psychotherapy from Barnafrid – the envisaged European Competence Centre for Barnahus.
    • A daily case management tool, adapted to your language and local requirements, which uses real case information and events to: capture key data for self-evaluation and reporting to authorities and donors, and collect comparable European data on violence against children, track progress towards meeting the Barnahus Quality Standards. May become the basis for an accreditation system for Barnahus.
    • Founding Membership in the PROMISE Network, with membership fees subsidized in proportion to the extra co-financing, above the required 20%, committed to the project. As a Founding Member, this is a unique opportunity to influence the establishment of what may one day be the accrediting organization for Barnahus.
    • Developing and project-paid participation for The Barnahus Forum, a conference bringing together all European Barnahus staff, envisaged to be held every 2 years, with the first Forum planned to be held in Stockholm during fall 2021.

    Find out more in the PROMISE 3 Concept Note. Expressions of interest are due 15 April. 

    While only a few services and stakeholders will become formal partners this round, there will be open invitations to take part in the trainings, access the case management tool, and participate at The Barnahus Forum in exchange for moderate fees.


    PROMISE Network

    Entering into the fourth year of partnership, the PROMISE partner, expert, pilot and consultation countries will soon be invited to be a part of formalising the PROMISE Network, with the purpose of galvanizing continued and intensified support for the European Barnahus Movement, promote harmonisation and a consolidation of good Barnahus practice across Europe and build capacity to establish a competent and committed Barnahus workforce across Europe.

    The key objective of the network will be to facilitate activities that increase the members’ positive impact on the lives of child victims and witnesses of violence and their families at national and European level. To this end, the network’s activities will support members to:

    • Improve practice by having access to training, mentorship and practical tools, includingUniversity certified training in forensic interviews and therapy
    • Gain recognition, and in the longer-term accreditation, for excellence in practice by having access to training, support, mentoring and tools to benchmark progress to practicing in line with the Barnahus standards
    • Share expertise and learning and helping shape the European Barnahus Movement by having access to a broad network which actively engages in exchange and mutual learning
    • Extend outreach and visibility by being part of a broad professional network, visibility inEuropean social media and opportunities to meet other professionals from across Europe
    • Explore funding opportunities by offering access to expertise and reliant partnerships

    Find out more in the PROMISE Network Concept Note.

    Membership applications for the PROMISE Network will open up to non-partners at a later date. We hope that all of you will join us in some shape or form!

    Deadline in ...








    Join PROMISE 3 - how to express interest

    An invitation-only webinar will be held 11 April which will present these plans, walk through the templates, and take your questions. Email us if you would like to be invited to the webinar.

    To submit your interest to join PROMISE 3, send us the following by 15 April:

    • A roadmap for your service (see Roadmap description and proposed format)
    • A Network membership application
    • A signed letter from a signatory of your legal entity:
      1. Stating that your organization has read the project concept and accepts the proposed partner budget lines with no amendments (rates to be set to your real, local rates after selection)
      2. If any staff you would assign to the project are voluntary or paid by another legal entity, describe how you will cover co-financing for your budget. We may require proof of funding before selection.

    Submissions and questions:

    Deadline: 15 April at 23:59.


    Please note that we may need to limit the number of partners to the project for practical and project management reasons if the response is overwhelming. The number of invited services will be limited by the maximum allowed project budget, to be set by CBSS Secretariat Management.

    Final selection will aim to include services with a mix of approaches and stages of implementation. Results will be notified by the CBSS Secretariat by end of April 2019.

    Please make sure that you express your interest by  15 April. Only submissions which fully meet the deadline will be considered since we will have to adopt a strict time schedule to meet the EC deadline.

    PROMISE Roadmap 2020-2026

    PROMISE is inclusive and will continue to involve and offer support to all interested services and stakeholders.  

    • PROMISE 3 – new project application to be submitted June 2019, with ambitions to run project activities 2020-2022. See the draft concept note, which describes the key objectives and activities of the project.
    • PROMSE Network – with a view to ensuring long-term European level support for Barnahus and similar services, we plan to formalise the European Barnahus Movement into a European network. The network will be formalized in time to apply for 4 year EU operational funding which would enable PROMISE to provide consistent yet flexible support during 2022-2026, should we be granted a Framework Partnership Agreement.
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