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Factsheet on considerations for evidence recording at the Barnahus

There is much more to recording interviews at a Barnahus than setting up a system and hitting record. To best perform its role, a Barnahus must comply with local/international rules and regulations of evidence recording, and be able to produce a recorded interview that holds up to scrutiny in court.

This webinar will explore the key considerations to keep in mind when selecting and setting up your interview recording system, including:

  • Proving authenticity, in a world where ‘deep fakes’ are becoming exceedingly easy to produce;
  • Proving the child was not influenced during the interview;
  • Building trust in the evidence recording procedure from day 1;
  • Ensuring data is readable long into the future, and that secure access is possible on demand;
  • Planning for the storage requirements of exponential growth in interview files;
  • GDPR implications.

Presenter: Emil Hagland Flam, Business Development Manager at Indico Systems Group, Norway. The Indico secure digital recording and evidential management system is currently in use by a number of Barnahus and similar setups through Europe.   

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