Following the October 2018 national roundtable, Save the Children Romania started to meet monthly with the Bucharest Tribunal. Together they are actively working on revising the legal framework around hearing the child in court, in line with the Barnahus Quality Standards.

Save the Children Romania also meets quarterly with the National Authority for Child Rights Protection and Adoption. Together they are currently developing a national roadmap in line with the Barnahus model and the Barnahus Quality Standards, with key milestones towards the establishment of a national inter-agency facility coordinating all efforts around the protection of children against all forms of violence and abuse. They are also working to develop a National Methodology for multidisciplinary and network coordinated prevention and intervention for cases of child abuse. A working version of the Methodology is planned to be available Spring 2019 and aims to provide a common national-level tool, support multidisciplinary and interagency interventions in the field, and promote prevention measures against all forms of violence against children.

The first specific achievement in this close partnership between Save the Children Romania and the National Authority for Child Rights Protection and Adoption was the 2018 inauguration of the Child Ombudsman, with six regional offices in Romania. Lobbying for the organization of the first Barnahus in Romania will be a priority and is supported by public-private partnership.

Save the Children Romania is a partner in the PROMISE 2 project.

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