At the Crossroads: Exploring changes to criminal justice proceedings when they intersect with child protection proceedings in cases involving child victims of violence

European law provisions relating to child victims in criminal proceedings take the form of general obligations, leaving it to national measures to regulate in detail how safeguards for children should be implemented in national procedures. Although there are different models of criminal justice (and child protection) proceedings across Europe, they face common questions on how best to fulfill their obligations to children and can benefit from regional exchange and the experience of practitioners.

Progress often takes place in incremental steps and will have different pathways in different jurisdictions. Stakeholders and professionals involved in both child protection and criminal justice proceedings typically need to work together closely to identify opportunities for both immediate and more long-term change.

To support this work, this paper contains:

  1. Key European law safeguards for child victims in criminal proceedings
  2. General orientations on adaptations to the criminal proceedings, taking account of the child protection proceedings
  3. Illustrative national practices concerning specific safeguards to be achieved in the criminal proceedings
  4. Conclusion and resources on processes which have triggered change to criminal proceedings

This is a living document. Please contribute to our effort to compile useful regional resources by sharing input and resources with us.

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