Since 2015, a project partnership called PROMISE has accelerated the progress made across Europe in providing multidisciplinary services to child victims of violence.

This partnership is ultimately working towards establishing Barnahus as a standard practice in Europe by promoting multidisciplinary interventions for child victims and witnesses of violence, which are organized in a child-friendly setting and under one roof, to provide rapid access to justice and care.

A critical piece of this work has been bringing stakeholders together to share experiences and knowledge, and to jointly develop and commit to the Barnahus Quality Standards.

Looking to the future, a European approach will be essential for the continuity of capacity-building, advocacy, and provision of Barnahus and similar services at the national level. Current and upcoming European Barnahus operate under the same European legislation to protect victims and combat violence against children, in particular sexual violence. And even though local contexts may differ, countries experience similar opportunities and challenges in establishing and operating multidisciplinary interventions under one roof. The harmonisation and consolidation of good Barnahus practice across Europe is therefore an essential process to remain in place, supported by a competent and committed Barnahus workforce across Europe and an established peer-to-peer network.

Through the PROMISE Barnahus Network, we aim to expand the possibilities to be involved and to support to all interested services and stakeholders, especially as new countries and services continually become engaged.

About the PROMISE Barnahus Network 

The key objective of the Promise Barnahus network is to facilitate activities that support the network members to improve their positive impact on the lives of child victims and witnesses of violence and their families at national and European level.

New membership applications open on 15 January 2020.

We seek services, organisations and individuals who fully embrace multi-disciplinary and interagency collaboration, promoting involvement and exchange from all relevant and interested sectors. The network embraces a broad and diverse membership from across Europe and its near neighbourhood, drawing on existing and emerging Promise partnerships with stakeholders from across Europe+ and across sectors. 

The membership will jointly develop and benefit from activities fulfilling the following goals:

  • Improve practice by having access to training, mentorship and practical tools, including University certified training in forensic interviews and therapy
  • Gain recognition, and in the longer-term accreditation, for excellence in practice by having access to training, support, mentoring and tools to benchmark progress to practicing in line with the Barnahus standards
  • Share expertise and learning and helping shape the European Barnahus Movement by having access to a broad network which actively engages in exchange and mutual learning
  • Extend outreach and visibility by being part of a broad professional network, visibility in European social media and opportunities to meet other professionals from across Europe
  • Explore funding opportunities by offering access to expertise and reliant partnerships

Foreseen activities include: 

  • Training – in-house, self-training, European competence centre
  • Practical tools and guidance
  • Data collection, evaluation and research to monitor impact
  • Child participation
  • Exchange and mutual support
  • Peer support through mentorship and training of trainers
  • Advocacy and awareness-raising at national and European level
  • Exchange and support internationally 


The network offers different membership categories: Full Membership, Developing, Membership Associate Membership and Network Supporters. This approach ensures that we can involve a broad variety of stakeholders that subscribe to the network’s vision and mission, while at the same time keeping the establishment and successful operation of Barnahus at the centre of the network.

Each full member, developing member, associated member and supporter adds value and ensures broad representation of interests, enrich exchange, build multidisciplinary knowledge and contribute to reach and dissemination of the network’s collective knowledge, activities and outputs.

To find out which membership type you qualify for, please read the Information for applicants paper. 

Structure and fees

The network is hosted in the CBSS Secretariat and enjoy the support of the Children at Risk Unit, which has acted as the Promise project coordinator since 2015. Network members will gather in the General Assembly, which coincides with a biannual European Barnahus Forum. The network is governed by a Steering Group, consisting of permanent and rotating memberships. The network enjoys the strong leadership and commitment from key experts in Europe and is assisted by actors with specific technical expertise. The PROMISE Barnahus network works actively to engage network supporters and sponsors, including Governments, private foundations, corporate foundations, private benefactors, and other donors.

Membership fees are tiered based on your Barnahus-related budget. 

For more information, please read the Network Statutes.

How to apply 

Apply by 17 February 2020 to have your application considered in the first round. Applications are otherwise accepted on a rolling basis. 

  1. Read the Information for applicants. Carefully note the Barnahus Criteria and the criteria for the membership level you want to apply for.  
  2. Review the Network Statutes
  3. Prepare your roadmap or similar. See our Roadmap guidance and sample format. NB: we can only accept applications written in English. 
  4. Fill in the online form. (NB: the form does not work in Explorer). Sign it sign electronically, and remember to click Submit to send us your application. 

Membership applications open on 15 January 2020.

PROMISE Roadmap 2020-2026

PROMISE is inclusive and will continue to involve and offer support to all interested services and stakeholders.  

  • PROMISE 2 – ends 30 January 2020. 
  • PROMISE 3 – approved. Slated to start 1 April 2020 and run until March 2022. 
  • PROMSE Network – launched November 2019. 5 year strategy under development. As part of this, we aim for 4 year EU operational funding which would enable PROMISE to provide consistent yet flexible support during 2022-2026.