The PROMISE Barnahus Network – a European network for Barnahus and similar setups

PROMISE has worked since 2015 to establish Barnahus as a standard practice in Europe. Barnahus is a multidisciplinary intervention for child victims and witnesses of violence, which are organized in a child-friendly setting and under one roof, to provide rapid access to justice and care.

By bringing stakeholders together to share experiences and knowledge, and to jointly develop and commit to the Barnahus Quality Standards, PROMISE accelerated progress across Europe in providing multidisciplinary services to child victims of violence.

The Network was established in 2019 to continue this work, with the understanding that a European approach will be essential for the continuity of capacity-building, advocacy, and provision of Barnahus and similar services at the national level. Current and upcoming European Barnahus operate under the same European legislation to protect victims and combat violence against children, in particular sexual violence. And even though local contexts may differ, countries experience similar opportunities and challenges in establishing and operating multidisciplinary interventions under one roof.

To learn more about the network and how to become a member, visit:

With the launch of the PROMISE Barnahus Network came a new website at, where you can access the PROMISE tools and learn much more about the Barnahus model.