PROMISE is supporting Europe to adopt the Barnahus model as a standard practice for providing child victims and witnesses of violence rapid access to justice and care. We undertake this work to fulfil the PROMISE vision: a Europe where the human rights of children to protection from violence, support and to be heard are fulfilled.

A Barnahus provides multi-disciplinary and interagency collaboration to ensure that child victims and witnesses of violence benefit from a child-friendly, professional and effective response in a safe environment which prevents (re)traumatisation. With the formal support from national authorities, PROMISE provides opportunities to translate national commitment into action and engage internationally in the process. In addition, regular networking and strategic communications continually activate our growing network of professionals and stakeholders who are committed to introducing and expanding Barnahus services nationally.

The first PROMISE project (2015-2017) set European standards and engaged a broad network of professionals. The second PROMISE project (2017-2019) promoted national level progress towards meeting the standards and formalised the PROMISE Barnahus Network. Future work will expand these activities to include University training, case management tools, and a European accreditation system.

PROMISE 2 builds on learning from the first PROMISE project (2015-2017), which supported government officials and practitioners from more than 11 countries to establish Barnahus or similar institutions. A series of exchange meetings, study visits and capacity building efforts raised the level of knowledge of the government officials and practitioners, who also contributed to the development of standards and guidelines. PROMISE produced a series of resources for government officials and practitioners who have an interest in establishing and operating Barnahus. The European Barnahus Quality Standards offer ground-breaking guidance and constitute the first attempt to define the principles and good practice standards for services that want to operate according to the Barnahus model. The PROMISE tracking tool provides a framework for services to assess their practice against the standards. The report Enabling Child-Sensitive Justice gives an overview of how the Barnahus model has emerged and gradually expanded in  Europe and the PROMISE Compendium of Law and Guidance provides a comprehensive review of international and European law and authoritative guidance concerning the rights of child victims and witnesses. Promoting Progress on Barnahus in Europe guides the development of national and regional advocacy strategies.

The PROMISE Barnahus Network

The PROMISE Barnahus Network will be launched 25th November 2019 in Helsinki, Finland.

The Network is a formalisation of the European Barnahus Movement, which was launched in June 2017 in the presence of the EU Commissioner for Justice and Consumer Rights, and the UN Special Representative on Violence against Children. The launch of the movement confirmed Barnahus as a good practice, validated the Barnahus model as a widely accepted concept and consolidated the European network of Barnahus staff and interested government officials and practitioners.

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PROMISE 2 is managed by the Children at Risk Unit at the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat in close collaboration with Child Circle.

Project Partners

  • Council of Baltic Sea States Secretariat, Coordinator
  • Social Activities and Practice Institute, Bulgaria
  • Hope for Children CRC Policy Center, Cyprus
  • Social Insurance Board, Estonia
  • National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland
  • World Childhood Foundation, Germany
  • Child Circle, Belgium
  • Szociális Szolgáltatók Közhasznú Egyesülete, Hungary, Region West
  • Terre des Hommes, Hungary
  • TUSLA, Ireland
  • Centre Dardedze, Latvia
  • Empowering Children
    Foundation, Poland
  • Save the Children, Romania


  • Barnahus Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Barnahus Linköping and Stockholm, Sweden
  • The National Police Directorate and 2 Barnehus, Norway
  • Børnehus Sjælland, Denmark
  • MDCK, Netherlands
  • Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, Croatia
  • The Havens, Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, England

PROMISE 2 stakeholders are committed to introducing and operating child-friendly, multi-disciplinary and rights-based services for child victims and witnesses of violence. With the formal support from national authorities, PROMISE 2 provides partner countries with opportunities to translate their commitment into action and engage with others in the process.

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