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PROMISE 1 and 2 have provided concrete evidence of how consolidated efforts on the national and European levels can accelerate progress in building capacity, ambition and commitment to specialised interventions for child victims and witnesses of violence. A critical piece of this work has been bringing stakeholders together to share experiences and knowledge, and to jointly develop and commit to the Barnahus Quality Standards. Looking to the future, a European approach will be essential for the continuity of capacity-building, advocacy, and the provision multidisciplinary and interagency collaboration and case management at the national level.

In this webinar, we will feature some of the most notable achievements within the European Barnahus Movement thus far, including highlighting unique experiences, approaches and solutions as developed by the PROMISE 2 partners. This webinar will also showcase the PROMISE tools and future plans which are supporting the continued harmonisation and consolidation of good Barnahus practice across Europe.

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